Defensive frailty will prevent any hopes of promotion

No matter how much a last-minute winner can change your mood, it still doesn’t alter this horrible, niggling feeling that any victory is papering over the cracks of our leaky backline. Now don’t get me wrong, the feeling of coming back from 2-0 down to win is priceless, but to concede 2 goals at Bury is concerning (even though Bury have half decent goals for stats, they came into the game on a run of 6 straight defeats). These cracks have been showing for some time, the back line just about doing enough, and the front line bailing them out of trouble just enough to stop the meltdown on fans forums – just. All should be different against lower league Braintree surely?

Well no, despite a 5-2 victory, Braintree take the lead via sloppy defending from a seemingly inept Sid Nelson, brought in to replace the seemingly inept Tony Craig. Poor defending must be catching, because even Webster got in the act, gifting Braintree a second goal that a Sunday league team would have put away. It seems funny that we are talking about ‘warning signs’ – when seemingly the only person not to heed these warning signs are Harris himself. Still Millwall will get back to winning ways against Wycombe, surely?


The average ‘Check a trade trophy’ crowd of 4 fans, 2 away, 55 stewards and lottery Larry.

Well no. On my delayed Southern train approaching the Den 15 mins late, I open up the team sheet to see a centre half nightmare that made memories of Alan Dunne at centre seem like the glorious days of old. Sid and Craig. If it wasn’t another hour before the next Southern train back I might have gone home, but I persevered, along with 10 other fans. A rather monotonous first half came to a close – what I caught of it anyway, and at half time the Barry Kitchener stand was rocking. Sadly, this wasn’t all 10 of us creating a Huddersfield style atmosphere on our own due to the enthralling football in front of us – it was the familiarly large Adebayo Akinfenwa warming up in front of us, due to come on and test our weak, short, and rather average backline with his ‘physique’ – no test for our league one defence though surely?


Akinfenwa, the solid League 2 striker, who our defense made look like Ronaldinho with type II diabetes

No the last paragraph ending question was in jest, I had already envisioned how this nightmare would pan out, and having left the game, I am still unsure if – Akinfenwa could do a job, or these 2 are so bad we made Akinfenwa look world class. They got nowhere near him all game, and to make matters worse, the beast also cleared every corner we put in the opposite half. It could have been different had Fred tucked away his pen, but as soon as he didn’t you knew what was coming. The sad truth is these 2 never got near this walking fridge. In the air the lump was always going to be a threat, but he was running rings around the pair like a Ronaldinho plus a few pies. A truly embarrassing show, and if this isn’t glaringly obvious to Harris, then we have serious questions to ask. The front line time and time again have shown they are up to it, the back line have shown the opposite in comparison. With Mbulu and Rooney in the ranks, you really have got to wonder how far away they are, surely they cannot be any worse?


Nelson – Slightly better than Craig, which is not an achievement

One thing is for certain, based on what we have witnessed so far; when we don’t finish in the top 6, most fans will know why we weren’t in the mix, but will Harris?


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